Why Will Smith is a legend.

  • Ahead of acting, Smith was a fruitful musician, referred to as The Fresh Prince, and the MC in the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. This a one of the common facts on will smith.
  • It’s been reported that Smith was offered a scholarship to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These reports are untrue and the musician-turned-actor has acknowledged he’d no intention of planning to college as a result of his blossoming music career. This is an unheard facts on will smith.
  • President Barack Obama has stated that he want Smith to play him if there have been ever a video about his life. President Obama has also acknowledged that the 2 have, in fact, discussed the possibility.
  • In 1998 Will Smith was selected by People Magazine because of their “50 Most Beautiful People” list. This is an amazing fact on Will Smith.
  • This amazing fact on Will Smith will make you respect him, in the annals of the Academy Awards Will Smith was the first “rapper” to get a nomination.
  • In 1993 he was the host of the Presidential Inaugural Celebration for Youth. He did this for Bill Clinton. All these are some of the amazing facts about Will Smith.
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