One D – The true internet sensation

  • Accumulating connections: The group was formed on the 7th series of the UK’s X Factor, which aired in 2010. The show features a strong following on social networking and the group used social networking to connect with fans whilst in the competition. This is the first reason which made the way for the success of one direction.
  • Going international: Thanks to social networking, fans across the world were able to follow the group’s progress on the show and maintain them following the show had ended. By the full time One Direction stumbled on releasing their first album, Up All Night, they already had an international group of followers who were keen to get the album, all thanks to social media.
  • November releases: All five One Direction albums were released in the month November. This was part of the plan to get the album out through the lucrative pre-Christmas sales period.
  • Staying with a formula: The November album release was one part of a formula that the group stuck to. Each album, except their last one, Made in the A.M., had an accompanying world tour, during that the group would start recording their next album.
  • Right place, right time: There are numerous explanations why One Direction were so successful, but the boys just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. Lots of things may have stopped the group from forming – one of them might not have auditioned, for instance, or one of them could experienced a bad audition and failed to create it through.
  • Never stopping: Many pop acts release and promote one album, you then mightn’t hear much from them for 2 or 3 years, as well as longer. By the full time they come release a their next album, their fans have moved on. Because One Direction released an album every November, they made sure to strike as the iron was hot. This dedication made one direction grand success.
  • Good looks: Part of the group’s appeal is that there are good-looking in their very own way. Their visual appearance are certainly one of why fans took a liking to them so much. All these together made one direction a global success.