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Read these facts on Angela Merkel, the amazing politician that will surely wonder you. Read the entire content to know great and wonderful facts about Angela Merkel.


Below given are some must know facts on Angela Merkel. Read the whole content to know some amazing facts about Angela Merkel.

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    This fact about Angela Merkel shows her leadership skills. For an archive quantity of tenth time, Forbes named her as the “Most Powerful Woman in the World” in May, 2016. She has been twice ranked second, after Vladimir Putin in the Forbes’s list of “The World’s Most Powerful Person,” which will be considered to be the best ranking ever accomplished by a woman.


  • In the season 2015, she was named as the Person of Year by Time’s magazine, with the cover calling her as the “Chancellor of the Free World.” Since then, she’s been often described as the “Leader of the Free World.” 
  • She was awarded with the President’s Medal the best civil medal written by the State of Israel, in the season 2014. 
  • Angela Merkel, a former research scientist, is just a German politician, often called the “Leader of the Free World.” She could be the youngest Chancellor since World War II, in the real history of Germany. 
  • She was named as the first woman Chancellor of Germany in the 2005 federal election, making her the head of a grand coalition that includes the Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union and Social Democratic Party of Germany. This fact about Angela Merkel proves the heights she has conquered using her abilities and skills. 
  • She has been awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa, by the Comenius University in Bratislava in 2014, the University of Bern in 2015 and the Ghent University and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in the season 2017.


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