Monday, December 17, 2018

Do you know the good side of Saddam Hussein, he might be a bad man but there are good side for him too


Below given are some facts on Saddam Hussein which shows his good side

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  1. He received a UNESCO award for raising Iraq’s quality of life.

This fact on Saddam Hussein is a very notable one. Hussein served as the Ba’ath Party vice-chairman from 1968 to 1979. In the period, he created a nationwide literacy program, setting up reading circles in Iraq’s cities. Missing these classes was punishable by 36 months imprisonment.

He built roads, schools, and hospitals and carved out a public health system that was tops in the region. The UN’s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization honored his achievement in aiding to eradicate illiteracy in his country.

  1. Young Saddam grew up by way of a single mother and wanted to be always a lawyer.

This fact on Saddam Hussein talks on his childhood ambition. The young Saddam grew up by his mother after his father, a shepherd, disappeared one day. The key male influence in his life was his uncle, who had been a member of the Ba’ath Party. After his brother died of cancer, Hussein’s mother was no longer able to take care of Saddam and he lived together with his Arab nationalist uncle in Baghdad.

After a failed assassination attempt on the sitting Iraqi president, Abd al-Karim Qasim, Saddam fled to Syria, then Egypt, where he studied law. When Qasim was ousted for good in 1963, Saddam the educated lawyer returned to Iraq and the Ba’ath party.

  1. Hussein pledged $94 million to greatly help America’s poor.

Well before September 11, 2001 changed the ongoing future of American foreign policy and the day before President George W. Bush took office, Saddam Hussein sought to send $94 million to the United States. The main reason: “humanitarian aid for the “homeless and wretched Americans surviving in poverty.” This is one of the many facts about Saddam Hussein which shows his care for the poor.

  1. He penned a best-selling romance novel.

The book, “Zabiba and the King,” was originally published anonymously in 2000. In the decade between its publishing and the Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator encouraged Iraqi artists to inform stories that surrounded the idyllic life in Iraq and to “bring the feats of the ‘Mother of All Battles home to the people.”

The author stated his humble desire to remain anonymous, but Iraqi newspapers began to report that Hussein might function as author. The book became an immediate bestseller, then was turned into a musical spectacular. This is one of the uncommon facts about Saddam Hussein.

  1. Wiped out 94 relatives, three army divisions, the complete Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team, and a whole species of moss after suspecting their involvement in a coup plot. All these are facts on Saddam Hussein which shows his good side.




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