Monday, December 17, 2018

Do you know that Ronaldo is the most charitable footballer? Read amazing facts on Ronaldo which gives him the name most charitable footballer


Below given are some great service related facts on Ronaldo

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  1. Donation of 1.5 million euros for the kids of Gaza

This fact on Ronaldo shows his priority to social service is more than money. The truly amazing star of Real Madrid has donated €1.5 million for the construction and rehabilitation of the schools in Gaza, Palestine. This news was revealed by an Arabic site. Ronaldo gave his golden boot earned by him in 2011 to Real Madrid Foundation. The Foundation sold the boot within an auction and dedicate the cash for the betterment of schools in Gaza.

  1. Ronaldo donates €60,000 to a young child for cortical dysplasia’s operation.

This fact on Ronaldo shows his generosity. Ronaldo was asked to donate his shirt and shoes to boost fund of €60,000 for the operation of a 10 month old child experiencing a rare brain disease. Ronaldo shows his maturity and generosity, paid the cash necessary for the therapy and send his shirt and shoes as something special for the child. In 2012, he also help his 9 year old fan that was experiencing cancer.

  1. Donation of UEFA check to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

This fact about Ronaldo proves his priority to service. Cristiano Ronaldo and UEFA gave 100,000 euros to support International Committee of the Red Cross for the physical rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan for the people who were the victims of landmines.

  1. Ronaldo has no tattoo on his body while he often donate blood

Ronaldo do have no tattoo on his body, he explain the main reason by saying that he often (twice in a year) donate blood. He also donate bone marrow to the son of his teammate. He said that “It doesn’t cost anything, it is a simple process and you then feel happy because you realize you’re helping another person.” This fact about Ronaldo shows the importance he have given for service.

Cristiano Ronaldo also remained evolved in my other social activities like visiting cancer hospitals, donating his belongings for other. He prove himself a type individual by is generosity and maturity towards the social issues.

  1. Raised money for the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

All these are some wonderful service related facts on Ronaldo




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